After Apicoectomy Surgery


  • Do not lift or pull on lips as this may cause tearing out of the sutures.

  • Slight bleeding, pain and swelling are normal during the first couple of days then will gradually disappear.

  • To minimize swelling, use an ice pack on face over the operated area. The ice pack should be used 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off, for the first 48 hours after surgery.

  • Eat foods that will be nourishing but will not require vigorous chewing the first few days, i.e., eggs, soups, milk shakes, etc.

  • Brush your teeth, being extremely careful in the operated area. Mouthwash that does NOT contain alcohol may be used.

  • Starting tomorrow, rinse with warm salt water (one teaspoon of salt to 8oz. of warm water) as often as possible. Continue this rinsing for one week. DO NOT RINSE WITH PEROXIDE, until ok’d by the doctor.

  • If Peridex was prescribed, start this oral rinse before going to bed the night of surgery. The Peridex should then be used twice daily (beginning the day after surgery for 1 week) as follows: after breakfast and before bed. Be sure to rinse for at least 2 minutes.

  • For pain- Ibuprofen is recommended. Follow the instruction of your doctor.

  • If prescription pain medication is needed, these can ONLY be prescribed during normal office hours, NOT after hours or on the weekend.


  • When the office is closed, the answering service will prompt you on how to get a hold of the surgeon on call. This should be used on an emergency basis ONLY. Leave a message and your call will be returned as soon as possible.

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