Crown Lengthening in Fort Lauderdale

Gummy Smile Correction

Crown lengthening is often required when your tooth needs a new crown. If the margin of the crown is deep below the gum tissue and no accessible, your dentist cannot ensure a proper fit of the crown. Crown lengthening allows us to expose the edge of the restoration, ensuring a proper fit to the tooth.

Crown lengthening is can also be performed to correct a “gummy smile”. A “gummy smile” is used to describe an instance where teeth are covered with excess gum tissue resulting in a less esthetically-pleasing smile.

The procedure is performed under local anesthetic and involves reshaping or recontouring the gum tissue and bone around the tooth in question to create a new gum-to–tooth relationship. Crown lengthening can be performed on a single tooth, many teeth or the entire gum line.

Your teeth will look longer immediately after surgery because the gums have now been repositioned. You will need to be seen in one or two weeks to remove the sutures and evaluate your healing.

Patient's teeth before crown lengthening   Patient's teeth after crown lengthening

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