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We are proud to announce South Florida Oral Facial Cosmetic Surgery, Dental Implant Center is now an accredited ambulatory center.


We are thrilled to be able to offer the lastest imaging technology in our facility. With the addition of the NewTom VG CBCT scan, treatment planning is simpler than ever, utilizing the EasyGuide software.This revolutionary planning software allows Dr. Sawisch to virtually plan your dental implant surgery based on the CT scan data.

The introduction of Cone-Beam 3D (CB3D) imaging for the maxillo-facial region has opened up new vistas for the use of three-dimensional (3D) imaging as a diagnostic and treatment planning tool oral/maxillo-facial surgeons.

The three-dimensional imaging that CB3D generates allows for far more accurate diagnosis, treatment planning and monitoring, and analysis of outcomes than was possible with conventional two-dimensional images. Thanks to this revolutionary new imaging technology, coupled with our rapidly increasing understanding of the biological processes of maxillo-facial growth and development, we can now create and interact with virtual models of our patients’ tooth and jaw structures that enable us to provide a much higher level of treatment than ever before.

We are now able to perform CT scans of the facial region with our NewTom VG machine. In a single 24 second scan, the NewTom VG captures the highest quality three dimensional images possible. It replaces traditional panoramic x-ray machines used in dentists' offices and frees the patient from having to make an additional trip to the local hospital where high doses of radiation from a medical CT scan are likely.

NewTom VG

Vertical Patient CBCT Scanner

afp logoThe NewTom VG represents the newest in CBCT technology from the company that invented cone beam scanning.

Below read some of the advantages to visiting an office using this phenomenal technology.


  • The NewTom VG’s revolutionary flat panel x-ray detector technology, coupled with its very small focal spot, produces the clearest, sharpest images possible
  • The NewTom VG features a single 8"x10" Field Of View, which is the most utilized by implantologists and maxillo-facial surgeons. The 8"x10" Field Of View, coupled with the very small focal spot of the NewTom VG means high quality images, great accuracy.
  • The NewTom VG has a very low exposure. With much less radiation than most other cone-beam systems, and up to 20 - 50 times less radiation than conventional CT, the NewTom VG scanner uses a unique “pulse” system that unlike other systems, activates the x-ray source only when needed—delivering less than 4 seconds of total exposure for a full scan.
  • With the NewTom VG’s exclusive Safe Beam technology, the radiation level is set automatically through the evaluation of the patient’s anatomical density. A small child will receive up to 40% less radiation than the already very low level for a full-sized adult. Safe Beam technology automatically and continuously monitors system operations eliminating the possibility of incorrect exposures.

Keystone Dental

EasyGuide Software - X Marker - Surgical Guide

South Florida Oral & Facial Cosmetic Surgery, Dental Implant Center is proud to announce that we are now an authorized Laboratory and Imaging Center for Keystone Dental, the manufacturers of the EasyGuide Software, X Marker and the "surgical guide". Doing most of the work in-house saves the patient many hours in the overall planning and treatment.

Radiographic Guide Fabrication (click here for pricing)

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  • Wax out undercut on master model
  • Position radiopaque teeth in locations where implants are going to be placed.
  • Fabricate radiographic guide out of acrylic (denture base clear acrylic)


x-block marker x-block and radiographic guide CBCT w/ radiographic guide CT scan RX CT Scanning
Treatment Planning Computerized surgical planning Precision drilling replication Replication of osteotomy Replication


Implant Planning


Implant Nerve Planning


Implant Density Scoring